Are these article going to deliver in one piece?

All of our product are DIY ( DO IT YOURSELF) and product get deliver in pieces, you will have to assemble! we provide all necessary things to assemble product with in box of product!

How to Install product?

Easy way to install product is to assemble all pieces on Table or floor according to display picture of product available on website!

How to attach pieces on Wall?

We Provide double sided adhesive tape to install all pieces on on wall except Clock dial, it will be hanged with nail

How to Install Needles of Clock?

Click this tutorial link to install small or large needles:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7iyRdTjITU

What is difference between Acrylic and Wooden (MDF) products?

The Basic difference is this, Acrylic material shine light like glass and wooden material Matt-finished with little shine.

Are these product Acrylic or Wood made?

Some of our products are acrylic material made and some are in wood (MDF) material, so make sure you read the product description carefully before placing orders

Are these Products Made in Pakistan!

We are proud to say that our 90% products are made in Pakistan

How to contact in case of any issue?

Fastest way to contact us is whatsApp message: 03124153047 , our team member will reach you back shortly!